June 8, 2012

Free Access to London 2012 Olympics Programming on Internet & Mobile Networks

An i-CABLE Communications Limited spokesman says today in response to media enquiries that local Internet and mobile devices users can view extensive Games programming for free.

As exclusive Official Broadcaster of the Summer Games, i-CABLE has already announced several months ago to make available extensive live Games programming and archived footages for free public access on the Internet through www.i-cable.com and on mobile networks with its mobile devices, he says.

During the Games period from 27 July to 12 August, www.i-cable.com will carry live programming for free access including the opening and closing ceremonies, competition of various items and i-CABLE's self-produced Olympics programmes.

Also available on the website are archived footages of competitions, interviews of athletes and coaches and news clips.

Mobile devices users will also be able to watch extensive live Games programming and archived footages via mobile networks by using i-CABLE's 'joemud?' mobile app.