October 14 , 2010

Channels hd204 & hd205 expand CABLE TV's HD platform

(October 14, 2010 - Hong Kong) CABLE TV today (Wednesday) announced a further expansion of its HD platform - by introducing two new HD channels - hd204 and hd205.

On top of the existing hd201, hd202 and hd203, the two new additions boost the total number of channels on CABLE TV's HD platform to five.

The first major programme to be broadcast on hd204 and hd205 will be the exciting exclusive LIVE Barclays Premier League (BPL) matches on coming Saturday (October 16):

hd204 - Newcastle United vs Wigan Athletic (9.45 pm)

hd205 ˇV Wolverhampton Wanderers Vs West Ham United (10.00 pm)

The matches will be carried simultaneously on SD channels 304 and 305.

The enhancement of the HD platform is not only in the number of channels, but also on the spectrum of quality programmes.

On October 18 (Monday), HD horse racing programmes will debut on channel hd203 with the airing at 7.30 pm of "Trackwork Express", Hong Kong's first ever programme of its kind produced and broadcast entirely in high definition format. The programme will be re-run at 9.30 pm the same evening.

More HD horse racing contents are in the pipeline, including ˇ§Tracksideˇ¨ and ˇ§Racing Reviewˇ¨ which are expected to be introduced in November. The target is to turn hd203 as the one and only HD soccer-cum-horse racing channel in town.

Commenting on the expansion of the HD platform, Senior Vice President, Subscription Service of CABLE TV, Mr. Vincent Cheung said: "The introduction of horse racing programmes widens the spectrum of programme genres on our HD platform to cater to the different needs of our subscribers.

"The new hd204 and hd205 channels will also expand our capacity to broadcast more live BPL and top European soccer actions at the same time."

The timing of the expansion of CABLE TV's HD platform is also perfect for the non-stop HD actions of 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou between November 12 and 27 of which CABLE TV is the Official Broadcaster.