June 30 , 2010

CABLE TV to carry CNC exclusively

(Hong Kong, June 30, 2010) Hong Kong Cable Television Limited (CABLE TV) announced today that CABLE TV will carry CNC exclusively on its basic programming platform on Channel 66 commencing July 1, 2010, 6:00 a.m.

CNC is the first 24-hour Mandarin news channel affiliated to Xinhua News Agency. CNC serves oversea audiences with global major events and news reports in a Chinese perspective. With the addition of its news sources of information and different points of views, CNC facilitates the audiencesˇ¦ understanding of the latest happenings worldwide and broaden their horizons internationally.

Welcoming the landing of CNC on CABLE TVˇ¦s news programming platform, a CABLE TV spokesperson said, ˇ§With its mass news source and wide distribution of bureaus of Xinhua News Agency over the world, not only can CNC offer first-hand news and detailed social topic analysis, it can also further enrich the programming choices for our subscribers.ˇ¨