July 22, 2009

CABLE TV to launch HDTV service on August 18

(July 22, 2009 - Hong Kong) CABLE TV announced today it will launch High Definition television (HDTV) services on August 18, 2009 (Tuesday), focusing initially on sports programmes.

The new service comprises three channels - a 24-hour HD channel on channel 201 and a round-the-clock premium channel All Sports Network, ASN HD (Channel 211); soccer matches or sports events taking place at the same time will be carried live in HD on channel 202.

These new HD channels (hd201 and hd202) will feature a wide range of top sports actions, including Live telecast of UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, German Bundesliga and prestigious PGA golf tournaments, together with comprehensive top-notch North-American sports events from ASN.

The flagship HD Channel 201 will commence broadcasting on August 18, at 11:00p.m. for the LIVE carriage of Playoff, first leg matches of UEFA Champions League. To usher in the High Definition age, CABLE TV will commission a state-of-the-art studio, enabling pre-match and post-match ancillary programmes to be produced in HD format, to give viewers all-round HD experience.

With the launch of the HD channels, CABLE TV becomes the first television station in Hong Kong to broadcast in High Definition format the UEFA Champions League, for which it holds exclusive rights for the three seasons spanning 2009- 2012.

"The new service also enables viewers in Hong Kong to enjoy other premier international sports actions in HD format, including all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa next year, of which we are the Official Broadcaster in Hong Kong," said Vincent Cheung, Vice President, Hong Kong Cable Television Ltd.

Regular monthly fee for the new HD channels on channel 201 and channel 202 for Cable Basic Service subscribers is set at a competitive $50 a month, with rental for the HD Set Top Box (STB) at $30 per month, and an additional monthly fee of $20 for ASN HD, a premium channel.

"But to commemorate the launch of this exciting new service, we will be offering it FREE to new subscribers who subscribe to our full basic package, and at a 50 percent discount to existing subscribers, and waive STB installation and rental charges - for a limited time in August," said Mr Cheung.

"The promotional offers will also cover subscription to the ASN HD Channel, which will be at $10 per month - half of the regular price - but also for a limited time only," he added.

"The new service is introduced at this time to capture increasing market demand, with the wider proliferation of HD television equipment, the expanded availability of HD programming supply and increasing customer acceptance", Mr Cheung added.