August 8 , 2008

Newsline Express Round-The-Clock "Non-Stop News Ticker"

(Hong Kong, August 8, 2008) Hong Kong Cable News Express Limited (HKCNE) today launches Newsline Express Round-The-Clock "Non-Stop News Ticker", delivering non-stop update i-CABLE News, Finance, Sports and Entertainment News on board MTR East Rail, West Rail and Ma On Shan Lines to more than 1.2 million passengers every day.

During the Beijing 2008 Olympic period of August 8-24, the "Non-Stop News Ticker" also brings along update news on Olympic Games and Olympic Equestrian so that passengers can grasp the first-hand and all-round news while traveling on trains.

HKCNE General Manager Mr. Samuel Tsang said, "August 8, 2008 is a global remarkable day. HKCNE launches the 'Non-Stop News Ticker' today to deliver speedily update local and international news, finance, sports and entertainment news to passengers. This not only provides round-the-clock news update for passengers throughout their journey, but also further enhances the value of Newsline Express and keeping forerun the medium in the market."