May 5 , 2008

FREE broadcast of i-CABLE Olympics programmes
over 800 WiFi hotspots throughout Hong Kong

i-CABLE, the Official New Media Broadcaster of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Hong Kong, today (Monday) announced details of the coverage of its free new media Olympic broadcast, which will include over 800 public WiFi hotspots around town.

Under the joint effort of i-CABLE and WiFi provider Y5ZONE, the hotspots, including those at major shopping plazas and restaurants in all parts of the territory, will be open for free access to our dedicated Internet Olympic platform to provide a truly FREE viewing experience to the Hong Kong public from today (May 5) and during the Olympic Games period starting August 8.

Mr. Benjamin TONG, Executive Director of Hong Kong Cable TV Ltd., said: "Our free online broadcast, coupled with the free access network enabled by WiFi operator Y5ZONE, will make our Olympic programming available to the public at every corner of Hong Kong anytime, anywhere, making it a truly FREE viewing experience - free of location, time and media limitations, and free of charge."

"The synergy with the WiFi provider allows i-CABLE to take full advantage of its Internet broadcast know-how to bring a groundbreaking Olympic viewing experience to the public under the groundbreaking new media broadcast rights granted for the first time ever by the Olympics organiser.

"Members of the public will find it highly convenient to view live Olympic programmes via mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs or laptop computers anywhere, anytime. They will also be able to enjoy the interactive features to access a rich library of highlight footages," Mr. Tong continued.

i-CABLE programming of the Beijing Olympics will be delivered through at least four channels via the i-CABLE Official Olympics platform (, including live channels as well as channels focusing on China/Hong Kong and International respectively.

Viewers will also be able to revisit their favourite events, the performance of their favourite athletes, as well as interviews and related coverage both inside and outside the venues, all in their own time.

Details of the coverage were announced at a ceremony held today outside the Ocean Terminal, in which Mr Tong led the i-CABLE 2008 Olympic presenters team on a jogging tour, trying out Y5ZONE hotspots around the Star Ferry area.

Also officiating the ceremony were Mr. Billy YEUNG, Managing Director of Y5ZONE Limited; and Miss Musetta WU, Vice President, i-CABLE Sports Ltd. Guests include Miss Isabelle TSANG, Assistant Controller, Programme & Production, i-CABLE Sports Ltd.; and the i-CABLE 2008 Olympic presenters team.

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