March 02, 2007

Newsline Express Launches i-CABLE Entertainment News
to Enhance the Medium’s Advantage

(2 March, 2007 - Hong Kong) Hong Kong Cable News Express Limited (HKCNE) today launches i-CABLE Entertainment News on the full fleet of KCR trains via Newsline Express to further enhance the medium’s distinguished advantage. HKCNE will also continue to enhance the system and transmission speed to refine the overall audio-visual environment for train passengers throughout the journey.

Being the forerunner in Hong Kong providing CABLE TV News on trains, HKCNE has been delivering update current news, financial news and sports news on board trains. The service has been well received by passengers since its official launch in August 2005. To further enhance the contents of Newsline Express, HKCNE today launches i-CABLE Entertainment News to provide over a million daily train passengers with not only current news, but also diversified entertainment coverage.

HKCNE General Manager Mr. Samuel Tsang said, “HKCNE is committed to providing value-added services for KCR passengers. Today HKCNE has fully launched i-CABLE Entertainment News on board trains to further reinforce its advantage by delivering more diversified information to over a million train passengers every day. Besides, we have also enhanced the equipment and system for delivering the news segments and advertising messages, thus providing a more comfortable audio-visual environment for the train passengers.”

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